Chaplaincy Innovation Lab featured in America magazine

From Emma Winters at America:

Wherever they are, chaplains face unique challenges. For instance, chaplains usually operate within secular institutions—like prisons, hospitals and public universities—and must operate within the bureaucracies and power structures of those organizations. Chaplains are also more likely to engage and provide services to people from different faith traditions or no faith tradition. And they frequently accompany people in traumatic times, said Rev. Sarah Jobe, a Baptist minister who works as a chaplain at a minimum-security women’s prison in Raleigh, N.C.

Read the full article at Americawhere Winters interviews Rev. Donna Mote, Rev. Sarah Jobe, and Sr. Kathleen Gallivan on their work in spiritual care. The article gets it exactly right: the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is building community, and we’re grateful that others see the value of this work.