Chaplaincy to Hurricane Michael victims

From the Albany Heraldon chaplains responding to disaster areas and providing whatever spiritual care that is needed or requested by those affected:

Cathy Nordgaarden, chaplain coordinator for Billy Graham Ministries, is part of a 10-person chaplain response team to support emotional and spiritual needs as the owner of the impacted property has to be there while Samaritan’s Purse does its job.

“Sometimes they have had other disasters in their lives, and this is just the icing on the cake,” she said. “Chaplains will also, if they are willing, pray for them. There are chaplains at the (Albany) Civic Center, and people come up and just want to start talking.”

Nordgaarden said having someone available to listen can be valuable to storm victims and that the chaplains on the ground have noticed a difference.

“We can tell that the demeanor has changed,” she said. “They know they have hope again. If people don’t know if there are others who care, they are overwhelmed with every detail.”

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