Freedom from Religion Foundation calls football chaplain unconstitutional

From WTVM:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has once again set its sights on Auburn University’s football chaplain.

The group began looking into the chaplain position in 2014 then requested that the chaplain be fired in 2015. Following a video posted by, the group claimed it is “redoubling its efforts” to stop what it calls “unconstitutionally excessive piety” in Auburn University’s football program.

In a three-page letter from the FFRF, representative Christian Line says “We’d like to remind AU that employing a chaplain and giving him unfettered access to a captive audience of football players is unconstitutional.”

The University claims that Williams is not a university employee despite the fact that he is listed on Auburn’s athletics staff directory and has a university phone number and email address. Investigating further, News Leader 9 searched university financial records and found that Auburn has never paid Williams in any capacity.

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