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New film on Army chaplain

The new film Indivisible treats the life of Army chaplain Darren Turner. Of particular interest to the Lab is an interview with Turner conducted by Military.com:

“Obviously, there are a lot of people who serve in the military who don’t share your particular faith or maybe don’t have a faith at all. What can people who aren’t necessarily Christians get out of watching the film?

“Indivisible” shows the struggles that are common to all military families. Here’s what I mean by that: loss. If you’ve been in the military more than a minute, you’ve lost a buddy or a buddy of a buddy and you’ve gone through that. That is unique to our human condition, the grief and the pain that comes along with that. Anyone who has deployed to a combat zone, you’re going to resonate with the unique stress that deployment produces. Not only just being away from your family, but getting shot at or almost dying in a situation where there’s mortars coming in or just getting caught in a firefight.

There are universal themes in this movie that are external to my Christian faith, that are going to resonate with folks in a very realistic way. The director didn’t want to candy-coat anything in the combat scenes or when the movie shows what my homecoming was like. This movie is real and it’s raw and it’s vulnerable too. It leads us to a state of “Wow, you know I need to take inventory of where I’m at with my own family situation, whether I’m married or not. Maybe I need to work some things out with my parents or my siblings or my neighbors or my friends.”

At the end of the day, relationships are all we have. The Army will come and go, we’re going to wear the uniform for a time, and one day we’re going to take it off. What are we left with? Friends and family, the love that we have. That’s universal.

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