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Chaplaincy in wildfire

From Kathy Steinmetz at Time:

In the book of Daniel, there is a story about three men who refuse to worship a golden idol and the furious king who casts them into a fiery furnace as punishment. To the royal’s astonishment, the men are trapped in an “exceeding hot” fire, as he decreed, yet they do not burn. Because the men had faith, a higher power protects them, and they walk out of the furnace unscathed.

This is the tale that Brad Brown, a chaplain at Feather River Hospital in Paradise, Calif., told the sick, scared people huddling inside his Honda Odyssey as flames burned on both sides of them and embers flicked onto the hood. “This is what we need to do here,” Brown recalls saying as they, like thousands of others, tried to escape the deadly Camp Fire that continues to torch Northern California.

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