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Chaplaincy to those in mourning

From CBS Pittsburgh:

Ossler is a firefighter and chaplain originally from Chicago. He now lives in Cape Coral, Florida, and said he was weed-whacking when his wife called him with the news of Pittsburgh. He said he hopped on the next plane and landed in Pittsburgh for the first time.

“These people will just pour their heart out, and I’ll just listen, and a lot of times, they’ll just put their heads on my chest and just cry,” said Ossler.

He’s no stranger to the pain. He started his mission after the Sept. 11th terror attacks.

“I was at Ground Zero, and I did over 300 funerals at Tower 2 Ground Zero,” he said. “It took me 15 years, but I wrote a book ‘Triumph Over Terror’ about that experience.”

From there, he helped mourners cope during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

“I’ve been to the Parkland shooting in South Florida, the bridge collapse in South Florida.”

He said he arrived in Pittsburgh “without high expectations,” but called the trip nothing short of transformative.

Read more at CBS Pittsburgh.