“Chaplaincy as a called ministry, not a supplement to the church pastorate”

A fascinating article from The Baptist Messenger:

It’s not your grandfather’s chaplaincy anymore! The days of a chaplain who “couldn’t make it in a church as a minister and turned to chaplaincy is over and gone!” Granted, the pastoral ministry in the church is challenging with a demanding schedule, unreal expectations. Congregations can be extremely critical toward their ministers.

For the first time in 20 years, chaplaincy is actually a destination for the frontline of ministry to many who are called to the Gospel ministry fulltime. God is calling teenagers, college students, seminary students, working adults and retired friends to the ministry of chaplaincy. The chaplain is serving the Lord at critical points in people’s lives.

This call is to the military chaplaincy, community service chaplaincy, healthcare chaplaincy, correctional chaplaincy, public safety chaplaincy (fire, police and first responders) and of course the disaster relief chaplaincy. Today, we even have chaplains who are called to a corporate chaplaincy or local business chaplaincy for the staff and their clients.

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