Support beyond services: chaplains at Williams College

From the Williams Record:

Despite the many ways the chaplains engage with the campus, one of their central commitments is counseling students individually, regardless of their faith identities. “In fact, I don’t even know the religious background of many of the people I talk to,” Bailey Fischer said. “But we’re here for them, and we’re here to help them be students, and what you do with that, that’s your business.” 

All of the chaplains echoed these sentiments. “The main thing is working with students across religious backgrounds,” Wax said. “For me, it’s students who are Jewish and students who are not, with different or no faith traditions.” 

According to Caster, “everything we do is interfaith.” 

Rosen blocks out significant time in his schedule in case he needs to counsel a student in crisis. “We’re here to sit with them nonjudgmentally, to help assure them that they’re not alone, they’re cared for and valued, and we’re here to listen with compassion and concern,” he said. And, as always, the inspiration tea station is always there, with or without an appointment. 

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