September 20, 2018


Have questions about the Lab? You can contact Michael Skaggs or check out the list below:

Can my event be listed on the Lab's site?

Yes! We require only two things:

  1. Your event must be in line with the Lab’s principles.
  2. You must submit your event at least 30 days in advance.

Does the Lab only focus on spiritual care in the United States?

Chaplaincy and other forms of spiritual care is a global field, with colleagues working together from many different places and spiritual needs differing from place to place. For the time being, the Lab is focusing on institutions and events in the United States. However, we remain aware of international developments and look forward to broadening our focus in approximately 12 months’ time.

I'd like to write about the Lab or interview its leadership. What can I do?

We’re always happy to talk with anyone interested in spiritual care! Media inquiries should be directed to Michael Skaggs.

I'd like to support the Lab. Do you accept donations?

Of course, and we’re grateful for your support! Click here to make a contribution or contact Michael Skaggs:


Is the Lab a non-profit organization?

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is based at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.

What is the relationship between the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab and Transforming Chaplaincy?

Much of the Lab’s approach to chaplaincy was inspired by the work pioneered by Transforming Chaplaincy: fostering best practices in spiritual care with the support of empirical research. A number of individual connections sustain the relationship, as well. George Fitchett, one of Transforming Chaplaincy’s co-primary investigators, is a Senior Advisor to the Lab as well as a project leader. Wendy Cadge, the Lab’s co-founder, is Transforming Chaplaincy’s other co-primary investigator. Finally, Michael Skaggs, the Lab’s executive director, also serves as communications director for Transforming Chaplaincy. The two organizations are separate and distinct, with Transforming Chaplaincy leading research in healthcare chaplaincy and the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab gathering the broad field of spiritual care into one place.