VA and Veterans’ Mental Health and Chaplaincy

From the VA: Mental Health and Chaplaincy is a national initiative that aims to achieve a more collaborative system of care for the benefit of Veterans, Service members, and their families. Emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs are interconnected – the professionals and communities that attend to these needs should be coordinated and integrated for Read more about VA and Veterans’ Mental Health and Chaplaincy[…]

Australian chaplains concerned for youth mental health

From The Catholic Leader: “Young people are calling it as they see it, with all their hopes and fears and expectations,” state chaplain at Mission Australia Deacon Peter Devenish-Meares, who is also a chaplain to the Queensland Police and army communities, said. Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2018, released on November 28, reveals four in 10 Read more about Australian chaplains concerned for youth mental health[…]

Chaplaincy and student mental health

From the Scottish Catholic Observer: The World Health Organisation survey, completed by almost 14,000 students, suggests major depression and anxiety are the most prevalent mental illnesses in young people, while a YouGov poll on psychosis indicated that only a third of young people would know where to seek help if they or someone they know Read more about Chaplaincy and student mental health[…]