May 22, 2018


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October 23, 2018
1p EDT
“Airport Accompaniment: Chaplaincy to Travelers”
Rev. Dr. Donna Mote, Chaplain, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
Missioner for Engagement and Innovation, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta
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November 5, 2018
1p EST
Panel Discussion – Serving People in Transition: Chaplains’ Perspectives
Moderated by Michael Skaggs, Brandeis University
-Heidi Kugler, U.S. Bureau of Prisons
-James Weathersby, Riverview Psychiatric Center, Maine
-Sarah Jobe, Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women
-Bart Campolo, Humanist Chaplain, University of Cincinnati
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November 13, 2018
1p EST
“Ministry of Presence: Chaplaincy to Seafarers”
Rev. Stephen Cushing
Executive Director, New England Seafarers’ Mission
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December 2018
“Research-Informed Chaplaincy: Healthcare and the Transforming Chaplaincy Project”
Beba Tata
Staff Chaplain, Mayo Clinic
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November 15, 2018
8:45a-5p MST
“Spiritual Care for Moral Injury: Equipping Religious Leaders and Faith Communities”
Shattuck Hall, Iliff School of Theology

Carrie Doehring, Shareda Hosein, Shelly Rambo, Nancy Ramsay, and Michael Yandell
“Responding to Moral Injury with Pastoral and Theological Wisdom: A Conversation”

David Blumenthal, Warren Carter, Amir Hussain, Joseph McDonald, and John Thompson
“Cultivating Awareness of Moral Injury in Sacred Texts”

For information on the conference’s six workshops and to register, view the conference PDF here.

November 16-17
“Governmental Chaplaincy and Religious Diversity: Toward Best Practices”
Co-sponsored by the American Academy of Religion and Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism
Denver, CO

This event will offer programs on diverse religions, interfaith leadership, and the law. It is open to directors of chaplaincy and senior chaplains in government prisons, the military, and the VA. Those in supervisory roles in other government settings are welcome, as well. For more information and to register for free, view the event’s flyer here.

November 19
9-11:30a CST
“Chaplaincy Innovation Lab: A Proposal for an Exploratory Unit”
AAR Annual Meeting – Denver, CO
American Academy of Religion Exploratory Session
Hyatt Regency – Capitol 1 (Fourth Level)
Ronit Stahl, University of California, Berkeley, Presiding

Winnifred Sullivan’s award-winning book, A Ministry of Presence: Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care, and the Law, started a conversation about chaplains she calls “secular priests” or “ministers without portfolios” who have become, she argues, “strangely necessary figure[s] religiously and legally speaking in negotiating the public life of religion today” (p. 6). She marshals remarkable evidence to show how the law shapes and is shaped by the changing place of chaplains but stops short of considering how and why their places are changing on the ground and what those changes reflect about broader changes in American religious life (Sullivan 2014). We, an interdisciplinary group of twenty scholars that includes social scientists, historians, legal scholars, religious studies scholars and theological educators, aim to pick up the conversation here drawing together historical and ethnographic research about the daily work of chaplains in a range of settings in the United States. We aim to combine solid scholarship with a commitment to the public understanding of religion which, in this case, includes engaging chaplains, chaplaincy educators, and the leaders of professional chaplaincy organizations in our conversation.

Wendy Cadge, Brandeis University
Shelly Rambo, Boston University
“Spiritual Care in Transition: A White Paper”

Irene Stroud, Princeton University
“Theological Education for Chaplaincy?”

Brad Stoddard, McDaniel College
“Prison Chaplains: Regulating Participation in Faith-Based Correctional Facilities”

James Dennis LoRusso, Princeton University
“Is It the Ministry or the Presence? A Garbage Can Model of Corporate Chaplaincy”

Harvey Stark, California State University, Sacramento
“American Muslim Chaplains and New Forms of Religious Identity in America”

Cyrus O’Brien, University of Michigan
“Security, Conspiracy, and Love: Spiritual Care in an Era of Mass Incarceration”

Barbara A. McGraw, Saint Mary’s College of California
“RFRA, RLUIPA and Ideological Change in Courts, Correctional Institutions, and Society”

Winnifred Sullivan, Indiana University

December 9-11, 2018
Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Identities Conference
NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
New Orleans, LA

The 2018 NASPA Religious, Secular, and Spiritual Identities Conference is designed for any higher education professional that works in (or aspires to work in) religious, secular, and spiritual endeavors. Focusing on the concepts of Identity, Community, Leadership, and Research, the RSSI conference will address the intersectionality of identity, religion, and spirituality with students, community members, and professionals. Join us to spark strategic action towards creating socially just and inclusive campus environments that support religious, secular, and spiritual exploration and practice in our communities. Register here by November 4.