July 23, 2018

Spiritual Care for Elders


Spiritual Care for Elders

Dr. Jenny Palmer (Hebrew SeniorLife), Sara Paasche-Orlow (Hebrew SeniorLife), Elizabeth Howard (Northeastern University), Jessica Schenkel (Brandeis University)

Funded by the Stephen Kay Fellowship in Healthy Aging, Brandeis University

Sara Paasche-Orlow, Jenny Palmer, Elizabeth Howard, Jessica Shenkel and colleagues are piloting a series of projects at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston about spiritual care for elders living in retirement and nursing facilities. Little is known about how older persons’ living situations influence their access to spiritual and religious resources and, consequently, their health. While much of the existing research is based on samples of community-dwelling elders, growing numbers of older adults live in retirement facilities, long term care facilities and nursing homes. They are conducting pilot research in greater Boston they hope to expand.