August 8, 2018

Pine Rest Latino/a CPE Program


Pine Rest Latino/a CPE Program

Rev. Kathy Bird DeYoung, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Funded by an ACPE Innovative Program Grant

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services CPE program received a grant from the ACPE Funding for Innovative CPE Projects program in order to expand its CPE program by offering one year-long unit of CPE in Spanish to Spanish-speaking pastors in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. The Latino CPE program is designed to work in conjunction with Calvin Seminary’s Hispanic Ministry Certificate program. A group of six pastor-students will meet as a cohort for 38 weeks, exceeding the 100 hours minimum requirement for CPE.

Rev. Kathy Bird DeYoung, ACPE Certified Educator

Other Spanish-speaking professionals will also offer didactics to the cohort. We specifically have in mind the bilingual therapists who work at Pine Rest. Pine Rest’s CPE handbook will also be translated into Spanish. Pine Rest’s Latino CPE Program implicitly increases the number/diversity of accredited CPE centers in that we are expanding our CPE program to include¬†Latino/Latina pastors who are already leading churches in the Grand Rapids area.

Participants in the CPE program