VA and Veterans’ Mental Health and Chaplaincy

From the VA: Mental Health and Chaplaincy is a national initiative that aims to achieve a more collaborative system of care for the benefit of Veterans, Service members, and their families. Emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual needs are interconnected – the professionals and communities that attend to these needs should be coordinated and integrated for Read more about VA and Veterans’ Mental Health and Chaplaincy[…]

Webinar: Trauma Chaplaincy

Executive Director Michael Skaggs facilitates a conversation with Mishca Smith, RUMC Emergency Department chaplain; Glenn Calkins, ACPE Supervisor and chaplain with the American Red Cross Disaster Spiritual Care Team; and Eric Skidmore, chaplain with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program.

Ren Osugi, now deceased, stars in ‘The Chaplain’

From The Japan Times: “The Chaplain” sheds some light on the reality of life on death row, as seen from the perspective of a Christian clergyman. Saeki (Osugi) makes fortnightly trips to a prison to counsel inmates awaiting execution, toting a Bible and a portable music player in case anyone fancies singing hymns. Only six Read more about Ren Osugi, now deceased, stars in ‘The Chaplain’[…]