Approximately one-quarter of theological schools in the United States offer some kind of formal training in chaplaincy. This list includes all of the programs we are aware of with information about the type of training available; please contact us if you have additional information. Wendy Cadge and Beth Stroud offer more information about the growth of this training in this article at Huffington Post.

InstitutionReligious TraditionProgramDedicated Master's levelMaster's level with chaplaincy concentrationCertificate / OtherDoctoralDoctoral with chaplaincy specialization
Reconstructionist Rabbinical CollegeJewish Reconstructionist CommunitiesX
The Jewish Theological Seminary of AmericaConservative JewishX
St. Stephen's CollegeUnited Church of CanadaX
Loyola University Chicago - Institute of Pastoral StudiesRoman CatholicX
B. H. Carroll Theological InstituteBaptistX
Claremont School of TheologyUnited Methodist ChurchMDiv with chaplaincy concentration; certificate programs in chaplaincyXX
Denver SeminaryInterdenominational ProtestantAccredited MA in chaplaincy, MDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Brite Divinity SchoolDisciples of ChristMDiv with chaplaincy concentration; pastoral care PhDXXX
Columbia Biblical Seminary of Columbia International UniversityInterdenominational ProtestantAccredited MA in chaplaincy, MDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Pentecostal Theological SeminaryChurch of God (Cleveland, TN)MDiv with chaplaincy concentration; chaplaincy DMinXX
Starr King School for the MinistryUnitarian UniversalistMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationXXX
Seminary of the SouthwestEpiscopal ChurchAccredited MA in chaplaincyXX
St. Bernard's School of Theology and MinistryRoman CatholicMDiv with chaplaincy concentration; chaplaincy certificateXX
Western SeminaryConservative Baptist Association of AmericaMDiv with chaplaincy concentration; MA with chaplaincy concentrationX
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Evangelical Free Church of AmericaAccredited MA in chaplaincyX
Moravian Theological SeminaryMoravian Church in North AmericaAccredited MA in chaplaincyX
Vancouver School of TheologyInterdenominational ProtestantAccredited MA in pastoral careX
Chicago Theological SeminaryUnited Church of ChristChaplaincy certificateXX
Graduate Theological UnionMultifaithChaplaincy certificateX
Hartford SeminaryMultifaithChaplaincy certificateX
Lutheran Theological Southern SeminaryEvangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaChaplaincy certificateXX
Midwestern Baptist Theological SeminarySouthern Baptist ConventionChaplaincy DMinX
Union Theological SeminaryMultifaithChaplaincy DMinX
New York Theological SeminaryMultifaithMA in pastoral careX
Emmanuel College of Victoria UniversityUnited Church of CanadaMA in pastoral careX
Iliff School of TheologyUnited Methodist ChurchMA in pastoral care; chaplaincy certificateXX
Ambrose Seminary of Ambrose UniversityChristian and Missionary AllianceMA with chaplaincy concentrationX
Pittsburgh Theological SeminaryPresbyterian Church USAMA with pastoral care concentrationX
Earlham School of ReligionReligious Society of FriendsMDiv in pastoral careX
Toronto School of TheologyInterreligious ChristianMDiv or equivalent with pastoral care concentrationX
Southwestern Baptist Theological SeminarySouthern Baptist ConventionMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
New Orleans Baptist Theological SeminarySouthern Baptist ConventionMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Gateway SeminarySouthern Baptist ConventionMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Portland SeminaryInterdenominational ProtestantMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Boston University School of TheologyUnited Methodist ChurchMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Oral Roberts University College of Theology and MinistryInterdenominational ProtestantMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Assemblies of God Theological SeminaryAssemblies of GodMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Associated Canadian Theological SchoolsInterdenominational ProtestantMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Grand Rapids Theological Seminary of Cornerstone UniversityInterdenominational ProtestantMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Seattle University School of Theology and MinistryInterreligious ChristianMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Acadia Divinity CollegeCanadian Baptists of Atlantic CanadaMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Abilene Christian UniversityChurches of ChristMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Campbell University Divinity SchoolCooperative Baptist FellowshipMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Evangelical Theological SeminaryEvangelical Congregational ChurchMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan CollegeInterdenominational ProtestantMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Lancaster Theological SeminaryUnited Church of ChristMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Grace Theological SeminaryFellowship of Grace Brethren ChurchesMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical SeminaryMennonite Church USAMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
HMS Richards Divinity School Division of Graduate StudiesSeventh-Day AdventistMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Eastern Mennonite SeminaryMennonite Church USAMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
United Theological Seminary of the Twin CitiesUnited Church of ChristMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Baptist Seminary of KentuckyCooperative Baptist FellowshipMDiv with chaplaincy concentrationX
Nazarene Theological SeminaryChurch of the NazareneMDiv with chaplaincy concentration; chaplaincy certificateXX
United Theological SeminaryUnited Methodist ChurchMDiv with pastoral care concentrationX
James and Carolyn McAfee School of TheologyCooperative Baptist FellowshipMDiv with pastoral care concentrationX
McMaster Divinity CollegeBaptist Convention of Ontario and QuebecMDiv with pastoral care concentrationX
Sioux Falls SeminaryNorth American Baptist ConferenceMDiv with pastoral care concentrationX
Howard University School of DivinityNondenominational ProtestantMDiv; no specific chaplaincy programX
Duke University Divinity SchoolUnited Methodist ChurchSpecialX
Candler School of Theology of Emory UniversityUnited Methodist ChurchSpecialXX
St. Mary's Seminary and UniversityRoman CatholicSpecialX
Hood Theological SeminaryAfrican Methodist Episcopal ZionSpecialX
Christian Theological SeminaryDisciples of ChristSpecialXX
Fresno Pacific Biblical SeminaryMennonite Brethren Church in North AmericaSpecialX
Shepherds Theological SeminaryNondenominational ProtestantSpecialX
University of Saskatchewan - St. Andrew's CollegeUnited Church of CanadaSpecialX
Berkeley Divinity SchoolEpiscopal ChurchSpecialX
Ashland Theological SeminaryBrethren Church (Ashland, Ohio)MDiv with chaplaincy concentration; accredited MA in chaplaincyX
San Francisco Theological SeminaryPresbyterian Church USAMDiv with chaplaincy concentration; chaplaincy DMinXX
The Chaplaincy InstituteMultifaithSpecialX
Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva UniversityOrthodox JewishX
Liberty UniversityNondenominational ProtestantX
Beulah Heights UniversityNondenominational ProtestantXX
Bob Jones UniversityNondenominational ProtestantX
Charlotte Christian College and Theological SeminaryNondenominational ProtestantX
Piedmont International UniversityNondenominational ProtestantX
Shasta Bible College & Graduate SchoolNondenominational ProtestantX
Academy for Jewish Religion - CAInterdenominational JewishX
Chaplaincy Institute of MaineAWAICX
Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious EducationRoman CatholicXX
Hebrew CollegeJewishX
University of the WestBuddhistXX
Bayan ClaremontMuslimXX