Community Chaplain Response Team in Kansas

From The Kansan on chaplain Jason Reynolds:

“Reynolds, an ordained minister, also serves as the director for Foursquare Chaplains International and Foursquare Disaster Relief, along with being a member of the Harvey County Critical Incident Stress Management Team, Newton Law Enforcement Advisory Panel and Harvey County Emergency Management. He is also the director of the Community Chaplain Response Team, a group of volunteers who serve community members in times of crises by providing a source of spiritual comfort and emotional support.

One of the responsibilities that the chaplains take on is giving death notifications.

‘Police officers are not trained to do that at the academy,’ Reynolds said.

The chaplains are sent to respond to every code blue call — situations in which a person is in need of resuscitation — to support family and friends who may be present so that first responders aren’t pulled away from helping the individual in need of medical care.

Large-scale incidents bring other logistical challenges for chaplains. Reynolds shared an example from the Excel shooting, which brought 189 first responders to Hesston. Together with Harvey County United Way Director Tina Payne, Reynolds coordinated donations of food from individuals, churches, organizations and businesses to feed the emergency workers for the 11 days they were on site.”

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