ACPE announces Innovative Program winners

ACPE announced yesterday the winners of its 2018 Innovative Program awards. This year’s grantees are:

Hebrew SeniorLife:  “TI-CPE: Trauma-Informed Clinical Pastoral Education”—to extend the impact of this first of its kind trauma-informed CPE unit in order to make our work available to others in the ACPE community, as well as better sustain trauma informed pastoral care at Hebrew SeniorLife.

Social Justice CPE:  “CPE Inside the Walls”—to offer one initial unit of CPE inside a Maximum Security Prison with four incarcerated leaders and four clergy in the peer group.

CareFirst NY:  “CPE Center at CareFirst NY, Inc. in the ‘Southern Tier’ of New York”—to support the start of a new CPE center at CareFirst NY, Inc., a not-for-profit provider of hospice, palliative care and grief services in a three county area in the “Southern Tier” of NY where CPE has never been offered.

Congratulations to all the winners!