Hartford Seminary to offer new online course in university chaplaincy

Starting Spring 2020:

This course will examine the experiences of university Muslim chaplaincy, investigate effective methods, and best practices to excel in the field. Although this course is designed for current and aspiring Muslim university chaplains, many aspects of the coursework should be applicable to a chaplain of any background since the work is organically interfaith oriented. The outcome of the course will be to equip students with the necessary tools to excel when entering into positions of university chaplaincy. Students will learn how to navigate political issues, interfaith relations, relations with campus and community organizations, gender dynamics, Islamic counseling methods, Islam and modernity intersections, crisis management, & working effectively with the MSA (Muslim Student Association). Additionally, this course will teach students how to craft their resume, interview, and review expectations of their work. There will be readings, as well as case studies, classroom participation, online certifications, and a final paper.

This course will be taught by Adeel J. Zeb.