Free e-book available: Spiritual Care Resources for Religious Holidays

Thanks to the generosity of time and effort of Shelly Rambo (Senior Advisor to the Lab) and Chaplain Ylisse Bess, we are pleased to offer Spiritual Care Resources for Religious Holidays:

In these challenging times, as in difficult times in the past, it is our instinct to gather and to share in rituals as we all face this ongoing crisis.  Unfortunately, the need for social distancing and orders to stay at home make coming together not only impractical but also inadvisable.  Yet as we enter into holy seasons for several religious traditions, finding ways to share the celebration of spiritual holy days has become more important than ever.

We have compiled Spiritual Care Resources for Religious Holidays with ideas for celebrating the holy days of Easter, Passover and Ramadan even when coming together in person isn’t possible. We know that these holidays will be observed by many but by no means all, and so this e-book also contains resources and ideas for others to engage their desire for ritual within spirituality beyond these traditions.

Please feel free to download this helpful resource and share this page with others.  This book is a living resource and we will add to it as other resources become known to us.  If you have resources that you feel should be added, please send them to

We hope you find this ebook timely and useful, and we thank you for all that you are doing to care for the spiritual needs and well-being of others.  Please take care of yourself and know that we are here to support you.

Contributors have provided several additional resources: