Caring for the Caregiver Town Hall, May 26, 2020

Chaplains, educators, and all others involved in spiritual care provision in this moment of crisis are invited to a weekly town hall. This open conversation is a place to share resources, offer advice, and generally discuss what you are seeing, hearing, and doing in your work.

Barbara McClure is an Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Practice and Director of Programs for Pastoral Thriving at Brite Divinity School at TCU. Her interests lie primarily in the meaning of and means toward human flourishing. She has pursued this question in a variety of contexts including institutions of work, worship, and learning, as well as within the context of a counseling practice.

Drawing on social theories, psychologies, Christian theologies, and contemporary sciences, McClure explores the assumptions that ground practices—especially of care and healing—and asks whether they are adequate to the complexity of a deeply social theological anthropology.

Her work includes developing a holistic approach to religious engagement that is grounded in theories of human flourishing, public theologies, and a theological anthropology that recognizes both the fractured character of human nature, and the religious impulse for wholeness and coherence.

Cheryl Harris is a seasoned consultant, executive coach, manager, and workshop facilitator with more than 25 years of business experience in diverse environments. Cheryl works with public, private, non-profit, churches and faith-based organizations that express a need for systemic, enduring change. She models a holistic approach to consulting that enables clients to rethink societal constructs and become more aware of decisions that may be based on unconscious bias.

Cheryl consults from her unique experiences in change management, cultural assessments, theology, diversity initiatives, and board-level consulting. She is an ordained minister and president of Cheryl Harris & Associates, Inc.

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