Collegeville Institute: A Chaplain’s Reflections in the Early Days of COVID-19

From Michelle Micklewright via

“I breathe in, calm, I breathe out, healing. From a distance I send healing to Astor. I imagine her lying in her bed. I align my breathing with hers: slow, rhythmic. I ground myself. Lying in my bed, I feel the solidity of my body and renew my connection with the source of love and healing.

I set my intention for the greatest good, for love. I breathe in, calm. I breathe out, healing. In my mind’s eye, in the depth of my being, this healing finds rest with Astor. I send loving-kindness to ease her fears. I send hope to calm her loneliness…..

When I am done and all is quiet within, I nod to Astor’s spirit, encircle her with a protective shield, ground her. I fall back to sleep.”

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