The Guardian: “You’re not alone. I am with you.”

From Bryan Mealer at The Guardian:

For chaplains working in hospitals, the virus has obliterated the old places and practices where they once channeled the divine: the quiet bedside, an embrace in the hallway, a hand on a trembling shoulder.

Like the ancient Israelites who carried God in a tent while they wandered through the wilderness, chaplains are having to find God in unexpected places. They’re using Zoom, FaceTime and Amazon Echo to comfort those who are afraid or seeking answers about death and dying, to administer last rites, or connect families for prayers and final wrenching goodbyes.

The intimacy of a hospital room has been replaced by the cold detachment of a telephone call to comfort a grieving spouse or parent, who are often in quarantine themselves. And chaplains are doing all of this with half their skillset intact.

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