Chaplaincy to the Incarcerated

Watch a recording of “Chaplaincy to the Incarcerated,” which featured Rev. George Williams, SJ. Williams has served inmates at San Quentin Prison. He is also the founder of the Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition, which strives “to create a more just and merciful criminal justice system.” Williams will speak about his experiences at San Quentin, how COVID has impacted his work, and how prison chaplaincy can inform and be informed by work in other sectors.

What does it mean to serve those who may contract COVID while in drastically different circumstances from most patients? How has Williams’s experience as a chaplain informed his approach to social justice activism? This webinar explored these questions and more.

While this content will be most immediately familiar to current prison chaplains, we encourage chaplains and other spiritual care providers from all sectors to watch in order to understand what lessons can be learned from spiritual care in this very specific setting.