Globe mag: Chaplains and the rise of on-demand spiritual support

The Boston Globe magazine has published a feature-length article on contemporary chaplaincy, which we encourage everyone to read closely. Wendy Cadge, Lab Director, is quoted in the story:

“They see a different way to heal the world than their parents or grandparents did, and it’s not based in religious organizations,” says Wendy Cadge, a sociologist at Brandeis University and founder of the school’s Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, which studies the profession and provides educational resources to chaplains. Cadge says that because chaplains meet people where they are and in the moments when they are most in need of spiritual care and guidance, they fit better in a country where people are increasingly “allergic to organized religion.”

The story also includes several colleagues and friends of the Lab, including Senior Advisor Shelly Rambo , Scholar-in-Residence Cheryl Giles, and Advisory Group member Rev. Mary Martha Thiel. You can read Jonathan Fitzgerald’s “Chaplains and the rise of on-demand spiritual support” here (email required, but article is free).