CPE residency available

Saint Elizabeth

Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital currently accepting applications for an immediate vacancy in its residency program. The residency program provides students with three (3) units of CPE. This position is also open for students seeking a second-year residency.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital is a world-renowned public mental health residential facility that serves as the inpatient program of the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health. In 1945, CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) at Saint Elizabeths was established by Rev. Ernest Bruder, an Episcopal Priest and faculty at Virginia Theological Seminary, as the first center in what was the Mid-Atlantic Region of ACPE. The current curriculum provides learning opportunities based on action-reflection methods of experiential learning, group, and individual supervision, along with didactic content designed to reinforce and enhance learning from clinical encounters. The hospital provides a setting for students to engage in ministry with patients under supervision as a means of developing professional competence and pastoral identity.

Interested applicants should contact lauri.swann@dc.gov or robert.renix@dc.gov.