Support our staff initiative

Support our staff

Mayo Clinic Florida

Chaplain Beba Tata, Mayo Clinic Florida

As we face the reality of the new COVID surge, the stress on frontline staff is becoming evident. It feels like treading on familiar grounds in a very unfamiliar way: increased workload, long shifts, personal risk of infection, and feelings of isolation as staff find less and less time to interact and connect with each other. Have we not been here before? The feelings of uncertainty are rising again as no one knows how things are going to turnout or the course the new COVID variant is going to take. The intense demands on time and energy are taking a toll on staff and impacting their wellbeing. Part of our role as chaplains is to support our staff. We check in, and we listen to hear where the needs are and provide the support that is needed.

Table-with-basketsAt Mayo Clinic Florida we are taking a step forward to support our staff by creating “Support Our Staff” (S.O.S.) spaces in both inpatient and outpatient spaces. The S.O.S. intervention is designed to help staff take a small break and know that their hard work is recognized and appreciated. It provides a quiet space for staff to rest, relax, replenish, and refocus. Each SOS room includes items such as granola bars and chocolate; drink items such as tea, instant coffee and propel; gratitude cards, create-A-canvas gratitude wall, wellbeing resources, activities, calming music, and a peaceful atmosphere. We encourage staff in every work area to work as a team to cover one another to ensure all have the opportunity to visit the S.O.S. room.

As a chaplain, creating the SOS rooms is a sign of solidarity with our interdisciplinary teams. It is about compassion, it is our way of saying to staff; we know these are turbulent times and we acknowledge how you are pouring your hearts out to care for our patients but most of all it is about bringing moments of rest to where the people are, lifting up our staff and making them know that they are appreciated for the great work they are doing.