Invitation to participate: Survey on becoming a chaplain

Help us help chaplains now and in the future!

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is conducting a survey to learn more about the investment of time, energy, and other resources in becoming a chaplain, as well as the professional landscape after starting work as a chaplain. We want to hear from you! Anyone who is currently doing work as a chaplain or spiritual care provider in any setting in the United States can participate. You do not have to be a paid or full-time chaplain.

In addition to the informed consent agreement all participants — who will remain anonymous — must affirm, we include this technical information here:

This is a survey through the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab (CIL) at Brandeis University. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Wendy Cadge, Director of CIL. This project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Brandeis University (protocol #21116R-E).

When can I participate?

The survey is open from today (September 20) through October 26, 2021. After October 26, the survey will no longer accept responses.

Why participate?

By participating in this survey, you’ll help us better understand exactly what it takes in terms of time, energy, and material resources to become a chaplain, as well as what the overall professional landscape of chaplaincy looks like. This will help the Lab, and others, create resources and opportunities for future chaplains and others interested in the field. All responses are completely anonymous and cannot be connected to you.

Will I be able to read the results of the survey?

Yes! Once we’ve analyzed the data and drafted a report, we’ll post it here at, just like our 2021 Community Listening Survey.