Spiritual AIM website live

Spiritual Assessment and Intervention Model Launches New Website

The Spiritual Assessment and Intervention Model (Spiritual AIM) has launched a new website. Spiritual AIM is a unique, dynamic, evidence-based assessment model that helps providers—chaplains, social workers, and others—engage in the relationships required to best meet the needs of those they’re serving. Developed from real-life examples of patient spiritual assessment, chaplain intervention, and patient-described outcomes, the model focuses on the initial assessment of a patient during a spiritual care encounter and provides concrete interventions based on that assessment.

This unique, outcome-oriented model has been under development since 2011 and has been continually refined ever since. SpiritualAIM.org provides many resources, including a Toolkit with previews of each of the Spiritual AIM manual chapters, video presentations, and materials developed by others trained in the model. The site also has links to related research and news from the field. No matter who you find yourself working with, Spiritual AIM has something for you. Visit the site and sign up to receive periodic news and updates from the Spiritual AIM team!