Music for the Soul: Harold Moses

The Institute of Harmonic Science (IHS) is a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization established in 2000 and based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. IHS is dedicated to inspiring and growing communities of people who sing together for healing and transformation. The Institute believes singing in harmony integrates the body, mind and spirit while healing the heart of humanity.

Higher Vibrations Music is a global outreach program of the Institute. Teaching that the cosmos is inherently musical, the HVM curriculum explores harmony through music, which blends the languages of science, the new physics and spirituality. IHS partners with choirs, educational organizations, houses of worship, healthcare providers, and the scientific community to more fully understand and express harmony.

Join HVM founder Harold Moses for an evening of music, reflection, and more as he guides the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab through an experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Singing Higher Vibrations Music together in Harmony consciously connects us with the wonder and majesty of our Universe and with one another.

You can download all of the videos and music shared during this event by visiting Higher Vibrations:  (Membership is free, as are all of the downloads.)

You may also download videos directly here:

Information on the Intuitive Musical Readings mentioned by Moses, provided at Cancer Treatment Centers of America for 9 years, is available here:

Moses has also presented on this field at various conferences:
“The Bach Principle”:
“Christ’s Cosmos – The Harmony of the Master”:
“Fashioned by Frequencies”:

Harold Moses can be reached directly at or 602-751-8352.