Lab directo featured on Religion Unmuted

Lab Director Wendy Cadge was recently featured on the podcast Religion Unmuted, discussing the work of spiritual care as whole person care. You can listen to the episode below or on Spotify / Apple.

You may also be interested in Professor Cadge’s new book that also discussed whole person care: Spiritual Care: The Everyday Work of Chaplains, now available from Oxford University Press. You can view a discussion of the book through its launch webinar, with a recording available here.


The book begins with a description of the central role played by Catholic prison chaplain Edward Hartigan in a hostage situation at the Charlestown State Prison in 1955 and the work of chaplains during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. This topic is then more recently situated in media descriptions of chaplains during the COVID-19 pandemic and names the questions central to the book. It outlines the conceptual approach the study adopted to answer these questions, addresses the vagueness of the term chaplain and the book’s approach to it, explains Boston as the choice of the case study, and then briefly frames the research questions in relevant scholarly conversations about American religious life. The chapter includes relevant national data and addresses questions about generalizations from Boston as a case before concluding with outlines of the chapters to come.