New resource: “How can a chaplain help you?”

Our colleague Jill Greenbaum has created the resource “How can a chaplain help you?”, which can be shared digitally or physically to offer a quick introduction to the work of spiritual care to patients, families, and others.

Jill is a visual storyteller and story catcher with a special interest in end-of-life care. Over two years ago she began graphically recording people’s wishes, hopes, and plans for their someday, one-day death. She also offers workshops where people reflect on their lives, choose what they wish to memorialize, and create visual obituaries. These experiences are opportunities for deep reflection and the creation of very personal and beautiful pieces.

She began her career in education, then directed programs for survivors of sexual violence. Jill currently teaches visual thinking skills to learners around the world. She is completing her first year in the Upaya Chaplaincy Program.

The document is available as a zine here, or as a page by page PDF here. You can also contact Dr. Greenbaum at