ICJS Spiritual Care Capacity-Building Grants

From our colleagues at the Institute for Islamic-Christian-Jewish Studies comes a new program of interest to chaplains in Maryland:

ICJS is offering five Spiritual Care Capacity-Building Grants to chaplains and spiritual care providers. The grants offer up to  $1,000 each to organizations to address the interreligious needs of chaplains in small organizations with limited access to other resources. The grant is to be used toward supplies, professional development, or other resources.

In a statewide survey conducted by the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab at Brandeis University in partnership with ICJS, we learned that resources are unevenly distributed among chaplains. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to expand the wonderful work you do.

Find eligibility requirements and application guidelines for these capacity-building grants at ICJS.org.

The results of this project were published in the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab eBook Chaplains in Maryland: Mapping and Assessing Needs, by Amy Lawton and Lijun Lin. The project explored spiritual care in the state of Maryland, with a particular focus on three questions:

  1. How are chaplains interreligious leaders in their respective organizations?
  2. How do chaplains view their work? Do they see it as specifically interreligious?
  3. How have chaplains been prepared to offer spiritual care across lines of religion and spirituality, including the non-affiliated? What additional resources or support to chaplains need to do this work?

You can download the eBook here.