Giving opportunity in Buddhist chaplaincy

The International Network of Engaged Buddhists is seeking modest funding to support an upcoming event on Buddhist psychotherapy and chaplaincy. You can support this project through the Global Giving platform. More on the event:


The International Buddhist Psychotherapy and Chaplaincy working group (IBPC) is a group of Buddhist chaplains, Buddhist-based psychotherapists, and Buddhist activists engaged in a wide variety of mental health issues. Evolving from engaged Buddhists in Japan confronting the suicide epidemic, in 2017, the group began creating international events for Buddhists in both Asia and the West to pursue a deeper understanding of mental health issues and support those who care for the suffering.


While the field of Buddhist chaplaincy and Buddhist-based psychotherapy is growing rapidly in the West and East Asia, the opportunities for practitioners to train in South and S.E. Asia are few. Yet, these regions are rife with trauma that ranges from depression and suicidal ideation to study & work stress, gender and sexual identity, environmental disasters, and political violence. As community leaders, Buddhist monks and nuns are in need of training to deal with these contemporary problems.


IBPC in partnership with the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) will host a series of events in Thailand from Sept. 24 – Oct. 1. A public symposium on Buddhist psychotherapy will be held in Bangkok followed by an intensive 2-day meeting for advanced practitioners in the field. Finally, a 3-day workshop in Buddhist chaplaincy will be held for candidates throughout South and S.E. Asia facilitated by high-level international teachers to cultivate skills in Buddhist healing arts.

Long-Term Impact

The creation of networks of Buddhist suicide prevention priests in Japan over the last 15 years speaks to the potential of this work. These events in Thailand are part of INEB’s ongoing work to support a global network of Buddhist chaplains and psychotherapists sharing best practices and transmitting cutting-edge skills to care for the mentally ill and traumatized. The 3-day chaplaincy workshop will serve as a pilot project for the development of further programs in South and Southeast Asia.

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