Lab partner offering support groups for chaplains

From our partners at the Danielsen Institute at Boston University:

CHRYSALIS program to support chaplains’ well-being—enrolling now for fall cohort!

Are you feeling lonely? Burnt out? Longing for something more than just “self-care”? Join a free, empirically based personal and professional formation space for chaplains. Building on support groups offered in partnership with CIL during the pandemic, the Danielsen Institute has developed an 8-week online program—with group and individual formats—that offers a transitional space for reflection, respite, connection, and growth. We are currently testing the effectiveness of this program using a randomized controlled design.

CHRYSALIS offers opportunities to:

  • Process the psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual/existential impacts of companioning others amidst trauma and suffering.
  • Identify and develop personal capacities and culturally embedded strengths to metabolize these impacts in order to build resilience and thrive as a whole person.
  • Reflect on your intersectional identities, life experiences, and core values, and how these inform your work.
  • Interrogate and resist personal, relational, and systemic pressures that are counter to your well-being, while working toward systemic change.

Interested? Click here to complete a brief interest form, and someone from our team will be in touch with you. Financial compensation (up to $60) is available for completion of self-assessment measures and program feedback surveys.