New article by Lab Research Manager in Religions

Religions recently published a new article co-authored by Lab Research Manager Amy Lawton.  The abstract of the article is below, and you can find the full article in open access here.

The article’s two other authors are Lab Research Assistant Adah Anderson and Lab Director Wendy Cadge.

Lawton, Amy, Adah Anderson, and Wendy Cadge. 2023. “Nonreligious Chaplains and Spiritual Care.” Religions 14(9):1166. doi: 10.3390/rel14091166.


Spiritual care in a religiously plural society necessarily includes care for the nonreligious. However, little is known about the nonreligious people who themselves work to provide spiritual care. Today, spiritual care providers, better known in the United States context as chaplains, come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, including nonreligious or unaffiliated with religious tradition. While nonreligious chaplains have robust pluralistic skillsets—a professional strength and a benefit to spiritual care work—they nonetheless encounter training and workplace challenges specific to their religious identities. The theoretical framework of Christian normativity could account for these challenges.