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January 8, 2024

Spiritual Innovators Advancing Civic Engagement


[Waltham, Mass.] – The Henry Luce Foundation has made a major grant to support a project led by Chaplaincy Innovation Lab & Glean Network, in partnership with Faith Matters Network & Innofaith. With this support “Spiritual Innovations: Advancing Civic Engagement” will chart a course for a new generation of supporting spirituality in the United States.

With the spiritually unaffiliated (sometimes called “nones”) as the fastest growing religious demographic and an increasing number of religious congregations closing every year, spiritual innovators are poised to reimagine the historic role of religious leadership in civic engagement and demographic participation. This is especially true in communities of color.

Spiritual innovators are those who disrupt the status quo by delivering spiritual and religious content in new, creative, and effective ways. Leading examples include Maurice Winley, who co-founded the Living Redemption Youth Opportunity Hub; Rev. Jen Bailey’s The People’s Supper; Yoshi Silverstein’s Mitsui Collective; and Rev. Dr. Danielle Buhuro’s Movement Chaplaincy.

“This project will help us better understand how spiritual innovators are facilitating democratic and civic engagement,” said Wendy Cadge, Director of the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab. “The Lab is excited to partner with Glean and Faith Matters to help bring these new ways of thinking about spiritual care and work to a broader audience.”

This project will map the work of spiritual innovators engaged in the work of civic and democratic transformation across the country, and then bring those innovators together in spaces intended to drive intentional relationship and field building. The project will also partner with theological schools to support innovators in teaching about their work, as well as platforming these innovations through third spaces like the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, Glean Network, and Faith Matters Network. Finally, the project will build a “network of networks” to engage in coordinated efforts and greater collective impact.

This work is also generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation, Hemera Foundation, Wesleyan Impact Partners, Fetzer Institute, and Unitarian Universalist Association.

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