Career Development Workshop Series

With support from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab hosted a 3-part series of interactive career development workshops specifically for chaplains. The series was led by certified career coach Erica Mattison.

While this interactive series was open to all chaplains, it was intended to help chaplains either launch or sustain newly-launched careers in spiritual care. Each session included ample time for Q&A. The full 3-part series can be requested and viewed at no charge below.

How to Assemble Your Career Toolbox & Use It to Create Impact

Essential Tools for a Meaningful Career

How to Use LinkedIn To Maximize Your Impact

A Proactive Approach to Relationship Building

Self-knowledge and awareness of your field are key components for launching your career or making a career switch. Learn foundational career management best practices to help you tap into your skills and strengths to lead an impactful career.

What’s your professional brand and how are you managing it? LinkedIn is a valuable tool for connecting with your network, building new connections, and establishing yourself in your field. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn so you are informed, engaged, and creating value with your network throughout your career.

Relationships present ways to be of service and increase our impact. They also enable us to discover professional opportunities. Explore ways to be intentional about outreach and ongoing engagement with your network so you can continuously grow, learn, and support.

You may also be interested in our five-part series for chaplains in healthcare that was hosted in the spring of 2022. Details are available here.