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What’s on this page: Below are not individual job postings, but are links to resources of where to begin your job search. They are sorted alphabetically by category and then individual site. These links are updated often and we recommend using these resources as a master list for beginning your job search.

Where you can find specific openings: In addition to the sites linked below, the Lab posts current job openings as advertised by hiring institutions here.

What do chaplaincy employers look for in successful applicants for chaplaincy positions? We interviewed leaders in six key spiritual care sectors and asked what they need in the places they serve. Learn more here.

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We also encourage you to read our working paper “Becoming a Chaplain: Costs and Compensation,” which explores the material aspects of a career in chaplaincy.

This is a job resource list that includes job boards and listings on various websites. These websites range from chaplain-specific job boards to more general job boards. Chaplain-oriented websites are linked to their home page. More generalized job boards include a link to the chaplains’ section of that site.

Cover of report on what it costs to become a chaplain and what compensation is possible



Corporate Chaplains of America

  • Organizational structure that serves various corporations in providing chaplains
  • Part-time and full-time chaplain positions in various corporations

Learn More. 


Association for Christian Student Development

  • Organization meant to equip and challenge members to infuse their Christian faith into student development practice and scholarship
  • Spiritual formation jobs, student related

Learn More. 

Higher Ed Jobs

  • Leading source for jobs and career information in academia
  • In the ‘Religious and Spiritual Life’ section there are many positions such as Campus Minister, Director of Spirituality, or University Chaplain in colleges across the United States

Learn More. 

National Association of College and University Chaplains

  • A multifaith professional community supporting spiritual and ethical life in higher education
  • Includes chaplain positions in universities and higher education

Learn More. 


Crisis Response International

  • A non-profit organization that trains and deploys volunteers from communities, churches and other independent organizations for the purpose of responding to disasters and compassion initiatives around the world.
  • First responder chaplain positions

Learn More.

The National Association of Catholic Chaplains

  • Advocates for the profession of spiritual care and educates, certifies, and supports chaplains, clinical pastoral educators, and all members who continue the healing ministry of Jesus in the name of the Church. American Red Cross Conference
  • (Volunteer)For disasters and mass casualties chaplains needed

Learn More.


Association for Clinical Pastoral Education

  • ACPE is the premier, Department of Education recognized organization that provides the highest quality CPE programs for spiritual care professionals of any faith and in any setting.
  • Includes postings from their partners such as hospitals, education sites, or other centers

Learn More.

Canadian Association for Spiritual Care

  • Canadian multi-faith organization, committed to the professional education, Certification and support of people involved in spiritual care, psycho-spiritual therapy, education and research.
  • Includes a large variety of positions, including Spiritual Care Practitioners within Canada

Learn More.

Career Jet

  • Job board website
  • Chaplain residencies/hospice, variety of categories

Learn More. 

Church Jobs.Net

  • Church staffing firm that helps employers and organizations find staff
  • Includes a huge variety of sub-categories and is sorted by location inside and outside of the United States

Learn More.

Church Staffing

  • Free job search engine specifically for church jobs, pastor jobs, and ministry jobs

Learn More. 

Christian Jobs

  • Job search engine, has some chaplain job postings (variety)

Learn More. 


  • A worldwide Christian community with blogs and support, including a job board
  • Includes Ministry positions

Learn More. 

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary (MinistryList)

  • The mission of, in conjunction with the Office of Alumni and Placement at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, involves both empowering Christians and equipping the Church.
  • Positions include a large variety of Pastor/Director positions

Learn More. 

Jewish Chaplains Council

  • (Under the JCC Association of North America)
  • Multiservice Community agencies, with chaplaincy positions

Learn More.


  • All around great job board for actively updated postings
  • Has every type of position for chaplains available

Learn More. 


  • Job board aiming to help job seekers find their next ministry role
  • General range of many types of positions, looks to be especially positions in Churches

Learn More. 

National Association of Catholic Chaplains

  • Advocates for the profession of spiritual care and educates, certifies, and supports chaplains, clinical pastoral educators, and all members who continue the healing ministry of Jesus in the name of the Church.
  • Current job opportunities for chaplains, priests, CPE residents, certified educators, directors of spiritual or pastoral care, managers, mission directors, and more.

Learn More.


  • Job board website for all types of occupations, includes a variety of chaplain opportunities

Learn More. 

Spiritual Care Association

  • Job board for those looking for experience in spiritual care
  • Includes Chaplains, Chaplain director, Faith Community Nurse

Learn More.

The Coalition of Spirit-Filled Churches

  • Many links to other associations for spiritual care, where there may be positions
  • Includes Civilian, Healthcare, Correctional, Airport Chaplaincy, Military, Miscellaneous

Learn More. 

Unitarian Universalist Association

  • Includes job boards for a variety of regions
  • Includes community ministry, contract ministry, settled ministry

Learn More


Association of Professional Chaplains

  • Commitment to interfaith ministry and the professional practice of chaplaincy care, the Association of Professional Chaplains® serves chaplains in all types of health and human service settings.
  • Includes pastoral services, healthcare chaplain positions, chaplain manager positions, etc.

Learn More. 

Healthcare Jobs

  • Job board for healthcare professionals
  • Specifically chaplain positions in hospitals/medical facilities

Learn More. 

Miracle Workers

  • Job board for healthcare professionals
  • ‘Chaplain positions’ in hospitals/medical facilities

Learn More. 

Pediatric Chaplains

  • Children’s healthcare Chaplaincy Network
  • Job postings in association with agencies tied with Pediatric Chaplains, includes Chaplain positions, pastoral care, chaplain program managers in Children’s Hospitals across the United States

Learn More. 


Ministry Employment

  • Website that facilitates ministry connections that serve job seekers and employers. Our members reflect a faith-based community that consists of job seekers looking to serve in a ministry capacity, and employers seeking to fill job vacancies.
  • Mainly jobs of chaplaincy in the Navy

Learn More.

Presbyterian Council for Chaplains and Military Personnel

  • Includes form applications for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy, Military Chaplaincy, Candidates Program, Civil Air Patrol, Federal Bureau of Prisons

Learn More.

Channel through Recruiters (Call)

Channel through Recruiters (Call)

Learn More. 

US Government

USA Jobs

  • Look here to find federal chaplaincy jobs.
  • Veteran Health Administration, Bureau of Prisons, Army National Guard

Learn More. 

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