Past Projects

With partners and institutions around the country, and with the support of several foundation partners, the Lab has completed several projects contributing to the field of spiritual care. You may also be interested in our current projects, as well as what our colleagues are doing in their own institutions. Email Director of Programs Michael Skaggs at for more information.

Chaplain Resilience

This project provides support groups, webinars, and grant funding to projects to build up resilience in chaplains.

Chaplaincy Education

A quarter of theological schools offer chaplaincy training and degrees, and the work of chaplains is expanding in a range of settings.

Executive Perspectives

Chaplains have been trying to make their case by articulating their value in healthcare organizations since the earliest days of the profession.

Innovating Education

The goal of the project is to strengthen chaplaincy degree programs at schools across the country.

Mapping Diversity

Understanding the demographics of American chaplains and whether they match the demographics of whom chaplains serve.

Mapping Jewish Care

The project maps, builds, and strengthens Jewish chaplaincy as a field to support innovative models of spiritual care.

Maryland Chaplaincy

This project maps spiritual care in the state of Maryland.

Reimagining Ed

Assessing and Reimagining Chaplaincy Education investigates the foundations of chaplaincy education.

Religion at Sea

This project explores the religious and spiritual needs of multinational seafarers working onboard cargo ships.

Resilience Support

This project provides support and professionalization for chaplains in New Jersey.

Seaport Chaplaincy

This project asks how congregations are connected to deep-water ocean ports in the United States and Canada through the work of port chaplains.

Spiritual Care for Elders

Colleagues are piloting a series of projects at Hebrew SeniorLife in Boston about spiritual care for elders living in retirement and nursing facilities.

Spiritual Care Networks

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is collaborating with the Fetzer Institute to support and build networks of spiritual care providers.

Spiritual Generalists

This project expands initiated by the Boston Children’s Hospital’s IPEP to train others in providing spiritual generalist care.

Student Mental Health

This project partners chaplains and mental health professionals to support the needs of college students.

University Chaplaincy

A sociologist, a university chaplain, and a theological educator begin to envision a future with more clearly-defined higher education chaplaincy