Innovations in Chaplaincy Education

Redesigning Chaplaincy-Focused Courses

Shelly Rambo (Boston University) and Trace Haythorn (ACPE)

Funded by the Wabash Center

Please note: we are no longer accepting proposals for this program. Information about recipients is available below. Those interested in chaplaincy education should also check out our project Educating Effective Chaplains and its four interactive case studies.

Project Goals

The goal of the project has been to strengthen chaplaincy degree programs at schools across the country. Beginning with the redesign of courses within theological schools, we started to think on a pedagogical level about transforming the ways in which chaplains are trained and spiritual care is provided. Participants:

  • Approached various elements of the syllabus and receive feedback from educational design specialists, researchers, and practitioners working in the field of spiritual care.
  • Designed individual courses for their institutions, all with an eye to the wider field. Their syllabi will serve as models for theological educators around the world offering courses in spiritual care.

Project Aims

  • Introduce teaching faculty to current research on the needs of chaplains and innovative models for training them.
  • Facilitate conversations between faculty teaching in diverse institutions and regions of the United States.
  • Assist faculty in redesigning an existing course or designing a course in development for 2021-22 (exploring all dimensions: course goals, learning outcomes, structure, assignments, and assessment).
  • Produce a set of syllabi that serve as models for best educational practices in the field. 

Participants for 2021-22 and their courses to workshop

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