This eBook provides inspirational stories about and resources for chaplains to assist them in supporting the staff in their organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


In these days of COVID-19, there are those among us who go every day to face the dangers of infection and yet still show up to care for those stricken by this pernicious disease.  As chaplains, a significant part of our role in these times is not with patients or their families, but in supporting the care providers. 

While this has and will always remain a part of our role, it takes on a greater importance as social distancing, infection precautions and regulations prevent many of the interactions with patients and families that are a part of our “normal” day.

In this eBook you’ll hear the ideas of chaplains from organizations such as: 

  • Hennepin Healthcare
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Swedish Medical Center
  • Boston Children’s Hospital.

A Hidden Opportunity

One of the frequent topics of discussion in gatherings in “normal” times is getting chaplaincy departments the level of recognition they deserve.

Some departments are at the leadership table and seen as important partners in organizational decision-making and action.  Others strive for this level of recognition and organizational collaboration.

Just Breathe - A shrine to self care during covid-19
Just Breathe – A shrine to self-care during COVID-19.

What is the difference?  There are many reasons, but one important reason is that the chaplaincy team took the opportunity and rose to the challenge of a difficult situation that taxed the organization, its staff and patients.  A situation like COVID-19.

The services delivered in these times are remembered and their impact valued, long after the crisis has passed.

With this in mind, we have prepared this eBook to provide you with ideas and resources to support you in caring for your colleagues, and in so doing, rising to what may be the most important challenge of our lifetimes.

In this eBook you’ll see practical ideas and examples of ways to encourage and support through:

  • Rituals
  • Websites
  • Poems, Prayers and Written Materials
  • Visuals
  • Videos
  • And an extensive list of resources with direct links.

To inspire you, we will start with some examples of what is being done in settings across the country.  Then we’ll provide some ideas for specific other activities that you may want to undertake and then some resources to support those activities.

Finally, we invite you to join us in looking ahead to the time when the restrictions associated with COVID-19 come to an end.

inspirational messages on a keyboard
Surprising a teammate with inspirational messages will make their day – and yours!

This is a living document so we will add to it from the ideas and stories that you share with us. 

Download a copy now but don’t hesitate to check back often to see what’s new!

In providing these resources, we also want to remind you that you cannot fill the cups of others if your own cup is empty.  Please take the time to practice self-care.  You are important to those you serve and to those you love.

Thank you for the difficult but important work you do every day.

We are here to support you and know we are in this together.



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