This eBook shares innovative ways that chaplains and other spiritual leaders are finding to celebrate together during this pandemic and beyond. It does not cover all religions or beliefs nor every holiday at this point. But, we will continually add to this document. Please share any ideas or resources you may have and check back for updates! Updated June 4, 2020. 



Updated June 4, 2020. In these challenging times, as in difficult times in the past, it is our instinct to gather and share rituals as a way of facing a shared crisis.  Unfortunately, social distancing and orders to stay at home make coming together not only impossible but inadvisable. 

“Finding ways to share the celebration of our

spiritual holy days becomes more important than ever.”

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, with the expert leadership of Dr. Shelly Rambo and Ylisse Cheney Bess, has pulled together this resource guide with ideas for celebrating the holy days of Easter, Passover and Ramadan even when coming together in person isn’t possible.  It also contains resources and ideas for those who are spiritual but not religious.

Table of Contents (this will be expanded through the year – please check back!)

  • COVID-19 Resources for Religious Communities
  • Jewish/Passover Resources
    • Liturgy for Passover
    • Worship Services
    • Additional Jewish Resources
  • Christian/Easter Resources
    • Liturgy for Easter
    • Worship Services 
    • Additional Christian Resources 
  • Muslim/Ramadan Resources
    • Worship Services
    • Resources 
  • Spiritual/Non-religious Resources 
    • Resources
    • Worship Services
    • Music 
    • Wellness/Mindfulness Apps

We view this as a living document and it will reside on our website where it can be downloaded at any time.  We know that there are other innovative ways that chaplains and other spiritual leaders are finding to celebrate together and we welcome the submission of ideas for inclusion as other resources; send them to

We hope you find this ebook useful and we thank you for all that you are doing to care for the spiritual needs and well-being of others. 

Please take care of yourself and know that we are here to support you.

In community and with gratitude,

Wendy Cadge



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