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Introducing the Beginner’s Guide to CPE

Clinical pastoral education, or CPE, is one of the hallmarks of modern professional chaplaincy. Yet how CPE “works” — identifying a well-fitting program, understanding the goals of the model, and what bearing it has on the daily work of spiritual care can all be unclear to newcomers to the field. This beginner’s guide, authored by one of the leading experts in CPE in the United States, truly functions as a beginner’s guide: whether one is familiar with CPE or has never heard the term before, this guide offers an introduction to this key educational model that many chaplains want (and many also need) to complete.

What’s in the Beginner’s Guide to CPE?

This eBook helps students and other prospective chaplains by addressing such topics as:

  • What is “clinical” about clinical pastoral education?
  • How do I pay for CPE?
  • Does CPE presume a particular faith / philosophical perspective?
  • What is the curriculum of a CPE program?
  • Who can apply to CPE?

The Beginner’s Guide to CPE is the best place to start if you want to know more about this foundational educational experience in the world of modern, professional chaplaincy.

And as always, if you have more questions, ask us!

You may also be interested in our series Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains, which brings together leading spiritual care providers in an approachable, informal setting to discuss how to begin this work, what types of training are helpful, and how to navigate the often complicated path to a profession in spiritual care.

You may also wish to read Rev. David Fleenor’s article “What you need to know when filling out a CPE application,” a comprehensive how-to guide written by an experienced CPE educator.

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