When the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab launched its Field Guide series in the fall of 2020, we realized that we were making many assumptions about what interested individuals already knew about chaplaincy and spiritual care. More directly, we realized we needed to provide a beginner’s guide to the field, which wouldn’t require someone to know all the ins and outs of degree programs, field training, endorsement, and more. Directly from that learning experience comes this Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Care.

There is no single definition of a chaplain or spiritual care provider and no single path for entering the work. This guide is intended to suggest places to start and to guide you. The eBook also suggests questions for you to consider and possible paths forward.

Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Care helps introduce interested individuals to the field by exploring topics such as:

  • What is a chaplain?
  • Where do spiritual care providers work?
  • What training do I need to become a chaplain?
  • What is clinical training? Endorsement? Certification?
  • How can I get started?

This eBook will help you get a better idea of the state of the field, how to get involved, and where to go for more information.

And as always, if you have more questions, ask us!

You may also be interested in our series Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains, which brings together leading spiritual care providers in an approachable, informal setting to discuss how to begin this work, what types of training are helpful, and how to navigate the often complicated path to a profession in spiritual care.

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