This eBook results from the Educating Effective Chaplains project and was completed with support from the Henry Luce Foundation. More resources for educators can be found here.

Introducing Educating Effective Chaplains in Theological Schools

More and more theological schools, divinity school, and seminaries — in other words, educational institutions that train spiritual or religious leaders — are implementing programs dedicated to educating effective chaplains. Yet in many cases, “traditional” training models predicated on congregational ministry do not necessarily match the skills or competencies needed by professional chaplains. The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab offers this eBook in a spirit of collaboration and with an eye toward helping educational institutions leverage their historic strengths to prepare individuals for contemporary and future service as spiritual care providers.

What’s in Educating Effective Chaplains?

Educating Effective Chaplains helps academic leaders, classroom educators, and others by addressing such topics as:

  • The value of offering a chaplaincy program
  • Educational collaboration
  • Core competencies a program should include
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Communications and recruiting

And more.

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Topics include: 

  • Meditations on Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care
  • Grief: The New Normal
  • Caring for Those Who Care – COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Spiritual Care Resources for Religious Holidays – During the COVID-19
  • More – coming soon!

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