This eBook results from the project Building and Supporting Resilience Among Frontline Spiritual Care Providers and was completed with support from the Henry Luce Foundation in collaboration with Indiana University Health Chaplaincy Services.

Introducing Staff Care in the Midst of Traumatic Events

What does it mean to provide staff care in the midst of traumatic events? As chaplains around the country have learned starting in 2020, the specific needs of an institution’s everyday staff can vary widely and be impacted enormously by traumatic events. How chaplains can determine what is helpful and deploy those responses are key questions as spiritual care providers consider how best to support those with whom they work. This eBook, produced by colleagues at Indiana University Health Chaplaincy Services, offers real-world examples of spiritual care interventions that have proven effective and meaningful.

What’s in Staff Care?

  • Unit-specific interventions
  • Case studies 
  • Resources adaptable to your own institution’s needs
  • Extensive references for further reading

And more.

Staff Care 1-1

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Topics include: 

  • Meditations on Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care
  • Grief: The New Normal
  • Caring for Those Who Care – COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Spiritual Care Resources for Religious Holidays – During the COVID-19
  • More – coming soon!

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