Faith Tradition

Buddhist Chaplaincy

Growing numbers of Buddhist chaplains are working in healthcare (including hospice), corrections, higher education, and other settings. Public awareness of this tradition’s approach to spiritual care is also growing, as indicated in this article from Religion News Service. As their numbers increase, more training programs and professional opportunities are emerging to support Buddhist chaplains and those they serve from all backgrounds. For general information about Buddhist chaplaincy, visit the International Federation of Buddhist Chaplains and the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies. We are aware of the following degree programs (below) for those seeking training as Buddhist chaplains. We know of one Buddhist-focused program through ACPE as well as many more led by Buddhist educators. Please contact us if you are aware of materials we are missing.

Institutions offering academic degrees and other credentials in Buddhist chaplaincy include the following:

Opportunities to pursue CPE in a Buddhist context are also increasing. Examples of such programs are below. If you are interested in connecting with a Buddhist CPE educator, contact Bryan Ferry, ACPE Certified Educator, at

The field of Buddhist chaplaincy is continually evolving. Developments include: