Glean Network’s Live Cohort Applications for Fall/Winter 2023 are now open! 

Learn and launch with fellow spiritual entrepreneurs and innovators in an 11-week multi-faith virtual cohort. 

With START Live Cohort, you’ll be asked to join a virtual group that meets consistently, week-to-week, to make progress on your project goals. You’d be a great fit for START Live Cohort if you are someone who thrives in diverse learning environments, built with plenty of space for sharing, feedback, encouragement, and accountability. 

For the last seven years, Glean Network has held a unique cohort space, outfitted to support faith-rooted leaders in launching their ideas in a supportive, generative space. 

Are you ready to begin your spiritual entrepreneurship journey?  Submit an application or speak to a START Coach to learn more.

Glean Network logoGlean Network is a growing community of faith-rooted leaders who find themselves at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. We seek to reimagine the role of faith in an ever-changing world that yearns for meaning, belonging, and justice.