Citation: Cadge, Wendy, and Amy Lawton (2023). “Chaplains in the United States: gaps between supply and demand.” Chaplaincy Innovation Lab.

Abstract of “Chaplains in the United States: gaps between supply and demand”

What is the demand for chaplains among the US public? This gap analysis compares the needs for spiritual care among the US public, or what we call chaplaincy “demand,” with the current paradigm for training and educating chaplains, or what we call chaplaincy “supply.” It names six gaps between supply and demand and invites suggestions about how to bridge them.

We thank Templeton Religion Trust for its support of this work on covenantal pluralism and the demand for chaplaincy. You can read more about this project here. It was also featured in the Association of Theological Schools publication Colloquy Online.

You can view the recording of our webinar discussing this research here or below, as well as offer comments and other feedback on this work.

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