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October 24, 2018

Mapping Muslim Chaplaincy


Mapping Muslim Chaplaincy

Lance D. Laird, Boston University School of Medicine

Chaplain Samsiah Abdul Majid, Association of Muslim Chaplains

The Association of Muslim Chaplains and Boston University School of Medicine are conducting a national survey of Muslim Chaplains in the United States.  This research project is designed for Muslims who are currently serving or have served as chaplains in an organizational setting in this country. Its aims are:

  1. To “map” the growing field of Muslim chaplaincy across sectors: where, how, and with whom Muslim chaplains are serving;
  2. To assess the educational and support needs of Muslim chaplains: how academic programs, professional organizations, and Muslim institutions might better serve chaplains;
  3. To contribute Muslim voices to the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab.

The research team is trying to reach as many current and former Muslim chaplains as possible, including educators, staff chaplains, volunteers, CPE interns and residents, across sectors (education, healthcare, corrections, military, community, etc).  They encourage you to distribute the link widely.

Interested participants may use this link to take the survey: https://bostonu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0Thaw14zTVUt7IV

The survey phase (October-December 2018) is planned to be followed by a qualitative interview stage beginning January 2019.

Lance Laird, ThD

Principal investigator:
Lance D. Laird, ThD, Assistant Professor
Boston University School of Medicine



Samsiah Abdul Majid, PBCC

Chaplain Samsiah Abdul Majid, MA, MBA, PBCC
Association of Muslim Chaplains